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Cure Diabetes? Really?

What do you really think about all the claims that are currently on the radio, internet and TV that say: “You can cure diabetes within 2 weeks using our product”

I have lived with these claims through the lives of my patients, and the feedback they give me. I’ve also seen the results in their blood sugar tests, they show the real results if those claims are really accurate. And this is what I found:

Our bodies are truly amazing, and it appears that change – whether it be diet, exercise, or change in thinking has an impact on our bodies, in fact it’s almost as if we need to keep changing (exercise programs are a great example) to reach our intended Success Plan. The real issue however, is sustainability. I am referring to two different sustainability’s. The first is the body’s response to a change, and the second is our ability to maintain a change.

While the body may be amazing in its ability to respond to change, when you look beyond the first two weeks, or maybe even the first two months, it is not uncommon that the body may not sustain the same results that are initially produced with you implement a change in diet, or lifestyle change. For instance I’ve seen where reducing the amount of fat in ones diet to improve their lipid (cholesterol) levels has 2 results.  Initially they see great reduction in their lab work in the first one to two months. Even when the change is maintained, the lab values after one year are often similar to the initial lab values prior to the change. I think I hear your objections of “why try?” Some changes and their results can’t be measured by lab values or blood sugar readings, so don’t assume I’m saying not to make changes in diet or exercise, keep reading…

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The second change is about maintaining a lifestyle change. Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, and while a great idea – life can get in the way and sometimes we are unable to maintain those changes. In a gym that I belonged to, we would consistently see all the classes filled up in January and by mid-February they were back to their pre-January class size. Sustaining a change takes work, as they say: “it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.” That is very true when it comes to managing diabetes. Not only do you have to dig deep into who you are, and what you are willing to do, it’s life changing on so many levels!

It’s not uncommon that friends, family members, and health practitioners will send me the new and latest claim to cure diabetes. Just a few weeks ago this happened to me to a new friend. Unexpectedly I became very angry, and not at her. I analyzed the reason I became so angry- I am tired of people with diabetes being exploited in a new way to create hope of curing their disease, and taking their money at the same time, and the “curing” part seems to be missing. The structure is usually the same: “you don’t need to change your diet, eat whatever you want,” or “no exercise required.”

While you’re ordering the product however, there is an upsell to either a diet or exercise regimen to “secure your results.” Of course you want to secure your results, otherwise you wouldn’t be ordering! So you get the program, try it for a while, and then are unable to get the results identified in the commercial. The conclusion one makes to themselves, is that they failed because they didn’t stick to the program, exactly as directed. They will try harder the next time….. Argh!

pushing heavy box 10368 300x196This is what I know after working over 20+ years with people who have diabetes, it is not an easy disease to manage! I’ve tried living the life of a person with diabetes (no I don’t have diabetes), it was for a few brief days, and I was overwhelmed, and didn’t succeed on sticking to the outlined Success Plan or “recipe” on many levels. (I still make myself do that every year, its eye opening for me).


pair of custom movie tickets 12192 300x243 Many will say that it’s as easy as  “watch your diet and exercise.” Personally I really hate that, because it isn’t simple, and it isn’t as easy as that. Statistics show that 95% of people who have diabetes can benefit from losing weight and exercising. The real truth is that less than 5% are really able to do this. And on one hand there is a level of personal responsibility that needs to be acknowledged, on the other hand there are many reasons why it’s difficult to just “watch your diet and exercise.”


custom falling short 13141 300x151So this is why we’ve created “Transform Your Diabetes Health” (TYDH)

We’ve adopted the saying that:

Diabetes is not a sprint,
but a marathon.

At TYDH we don’t see a “finish line” instead we help create a marathon worth staying on because we make the scenery real, enjoyable, and successful. We don’t like feeding the idea that because the “recipe” wasn’t followed exactly-you failed. We dig deep into what it really takes, and what is really true about what you can do to achieve your best health and quality of life as a person with diabetes. We hope you stay tuned.

To your best health,

Mary Costa RN CDE-Certified Diabetes Educator.

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