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The High Cost of Ignoring Symptoms and Warning Signs

For about a week, I'd been smelling this odd smell while driving my car around town. Sort of like a wet burning dust smell, but there were no warning lights blinking, and the temperature gauge was showing in the low cool range.

Everything appeared normal, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. Just didn't know what it was. I didn't take the car in to get it checked.

Same thing had happened with my watch. First the indiglo light stopped working. I vaguely recalled I'd experienced that right before my watch stopped the last time. But the watch wasn't losing any time. Getting a new battery for it was on my list, but I kept putting it off.

On Monday, while driving home from the grocery store, I suddenly noticed the temperature gauge on my car was registering way past Hot. I panicked. I’ve had this car for a long time and had never seen that. Being just a few blocks from home, I wanted to try to make it there. The minute I pulled up in front of my apartment, smoke started pouring out from under the hood. Then, within about 20 minutes of the car overheating, my watch stopped. Just like that.

What do these have to do with Diabetes? Well, I started thinking. In the early stages of pre-diabetes or diabetes, everything appears fine. There might be minor annoyances you put off checking out. Maybe you’re even shocked when you get that diagnosis of diabetes.

You might have even noticed a little bit of weight gain, or feeling more tired than usual,
and over time it seems normal to fall asleep on the couch, or not have the energy you used to. Other than that, everything seems to be fine. No need for worry, right? Not by a long shot.

You wouldn't ignore a warning light on your car, would you? If the engine light comes on, would you cut the wires so the light no longer screams for your attention? Of course not! That would most likely lead to costly repairs, or the risk of being stranded somewhere! And no one wants a huge car repair bill, or to be inconvenienced by being stranded!

Symptoms are the body's version of a warning light on a car.... a way for your body to get your attention. While I didn't have a warning light on my car’s dashboard blinking at me, I had suspected something was wrong. Likewise high blood sugar and A1C levels are just a couple of the body's symptoms. When they start to rise, pay attention right

If you’re feeling tired for no reason, or thirstier than normal, those could also be symptoms of diabetes telling you that there is too much sugar in the body and not enough insulin to get the sugar into the cells to fuel them. Damage is already occurring.
Reversing symptoms of diabetes and improving your health status, especially when symptoms have gone unchecked for some time is not easy. By the time those symptoms show up, the damage to your body already goes deep. It takes time, commitment and patience to reverse the damage done.

If you're experiencing some of the warning signs of diabetes or its complications, don't wait for the alarm to sound (i.e. the symptoms to get your attention!). If you suspect something is not right, get checked out, and find out what’s happening. Internal damage occurs long before external signs show up. The complications of diabetes can be very serious if left unchecked.

I was able to take my car into the repair shop, and got 'rewarded' with a hefty repair bill that included a new radiator, a couple of hoses, a thermostat, and an oil change. I was able to get a new battery for my watch, and get it working again. When it comes to cars or watches, you could always even buy new ones if they’re beyond repair.

But, your body? You can’t trade your body in for a newer model. In great shape or bad shape, you'll be living in it forever.