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Coming Soon! A needless pain free way of obtaining blood for lab tests and fingersticks

Gone may be the days of sitting in the lab waiting room as you nervously anticipate your turn to have a lab draw. The old large needles, and tourniquets used to draw blood from your arm may be headed for a museum that depicts old barbaric ways of practicing medicine. Enter the new kid on the block: the Touch Activated Phlebotomy "TAP". It is in the final stages of approval by the FDA for use. To make life even easier, eventually you may be able to use this device in your home. Maybe there could even be a future for it to replace current blood sugar testing methods?

It's a round device that has a button you push to activate the blood drawing features. Apparently it can signal to your health care providerwhen the blood has been obtained. 

The good news is that this is considered a needless, pain free device. The confusing news is that it involves 30 thin needles which "penetrate the uppermost layers of skin." They claim it works kind of like a leech, you don't feel it but it gets the job done.....getting your blood.
What's impressive is that when they compared the pain factor of TAP to conventional blood drawing, there was a significant reduction in pain, and again its considered nearly painless.
There is usually a button in the middle of the device that activates it to begin the blood draw.

Won't get here soon enough? What do you think?