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Diabetes Programs - Transform Your Diabetes Health

The diagnosis of Diabetes or prediabetes often results in feeling overwhelmed, confused and fearful about the future. Despite all those mixed emotions you are challenged with learning a different lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle.

It’s almost like bringing home a new baby. Simple tasks suddenly seem very complicated, such as what to eat and when to eat! Monitoring your health measures and knowing what you need to do to feel energized, vibrant, and healthy may seem like they may take up all your waking hours…..but it doesn’t have to!

At Transform Your Diabetes Health I sort out what to focus on first, as I address all the aspects of self-management of diabetes. I debunk the popular myths, and I guide you past what won’t work, to what will.

At Transform Your Diabetes Health, I help you learn new eating behaviors coupled with adopting a whole new mindset and way of thinking about your eating habits AND your life. I work with you every step of the way while teaching you everything you need to know in managing your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Through our proven system which I call the Diabetes Simplified: The 5M's of Managing Diabetes Health namely Meals, Mindset, Movement, Monitoring Health Status, and Medicines, Mary Costa, our RN Certified Diabetes Educator has over 25 years of experience of working in the preventive health industry to assist you in more than just managing your diabetes. She'll guide you to achieving a vibrant style of living WITH diabetes, not always fighting against it.


Learn the secrets to healthy eating, even if you’re a foodie; and still have great blood sugars.


Your most important asset. Learn to invest in thoughts, goals and behaviors that lead you to your best health, so that you can enjoy a great quality of life.


Don’t like the thought of injecting insulin? Inject some movement in your routine instead, it’s your best plan for living younger longer.


What you don’t know CAN hurt you. Because you "feel" healthy doesn’t mean you are. Know how to evaluate your health status.


Learn which medicines, supplements or therapies will provide you your best health, and what "cures" are a waste of money.