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Health Care Practitioner

Are You a Health Care Practitioner for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM)?


Do you have the time & energy to educate your T2DM patients?


Struggling to provide the resources you need to accomplish that?


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  • You’re overwhelmed and too busy to educate your patients about the significance and relationship between food and diabetes.

  • You don’t have the resources to dedicate a team member to teach your patients with diabetes what they need to know to achieve their best health, and prevent complications.

  • You want your patients to have the best health possible. You believe it’s important they understand HEALTHY eating and have the mindset and implement the ACTIONS to create their best diabetes health. 

  • Your patients have questions and are confused by claims they hear about curing diabetes. They don’t know what is safe and effective.

  • You want your patients educated by a trusted source with years of experience


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LET US CHANGE THAT PICTURE FOR YOU…isn’t this what you really want:

You get to spend quality time with your patient, knowing they have the tools and education they need to manage their diabetes. They know the steps to take, and they make the changes necessary to improve their health!!!

Our programs can help you achieve your HEDIS goals and/or improve your Medicare ratings at the same time??? Most important is: I teach/coach and guide your patient to a healthier high quality of life.

Partner with me to make your life easier, and educate your patients at the same time!

Even if you already have a Registered Dietician Or Registered Nurse CDE on staff, I can provide the foundational education that frees your staff up to provide a more personalized plan for your patients with diabetes and prediabetes. And if you don't have a CDE in your office-I'm here to help virtually!



WHO I AM and What I offer:

The Diabetes Nurse TM  is a web based organization that teaches Adults with T2DM the skills they need, and coaches them through the successful behaviors they can adopt to achieve their highest level of diabetes health. That goal helps to prevent the complications of diabetes and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease. The result is a high quality of life, filled with vibrant energy to enjoy their life.>

With over 25 years of knowledge and expertise, Mary Costa RN BSN Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), has created free and cash based programs (at no cost to you) that promote diabetes self-care behaviors, problem solving strategies, and healthy coping skills.


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A variety of programs and topics are available that will focus on:

  • Meals
  • Medication and therapies
  • Movement
  • Monitoring blood sugar and health measures
  • Mindset


Because we both know that education does not = behavior change, we offer coaching and accountability tools your patients will need for achieving their best health goals and outcomes.

We provide information on Traditional Western Medicine practices as well as Holistic and Integrative practices that lead to optimal health and wellness in body, mind, spirit, and emotions.


We know that managing diabetes is not a sprint, but a marathon that takes time, education and practice, and that is what we provide.


This is what you need to do:

50 bigstock Gym Fitness Healthy Lifestyl 10631033Check out our free classes: "Help I just found out I have Type 2 Diabetes, what do I do first." or "My blood sugar is out of control...or maybe I am-Help, what do I do first?"  If you find it's a great fit for your patients, direct them to that page.

We have additional free classes that include information on a variety of topics as well as cash based programs that includes a deeper dive into diabetes self-management training & coaching.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Need to know more about me - check out my About page.